Flight Time Aviation

About Us

Flight Time Aviation offers flight training, plane rental, and aerial sight seeing.

We are located at the Nacogdoches, Texas airport. (OCH) 

Flight Training

Our flight instructors all have thousands of hours of experience and can teach you the skills necessary for you to earn your private, instrument, and commercial certificates.


Minimum FAA Requirements for a Private Pilot Certificate:

Be at least 17 years of age

Pass the required FAA knowledge test

Obtain a Student Pilot/3rd Class Medical Certificate before you solo


Aeronautical Experience Requirements for a Private Pilot Certificate:

40 hours total time:

- 20 hours from authorized instructor

- 3 hours cross country

- 3 hours of night flight training

- 3 hours of instrument flight training

- 3 hours of ground training in preparation for the practical test

- 10 Hours of solo flight time:

- 5 hours of solo cross country


The average time is around 50 to 60 hours to be ready for the FAA Checkride and Written Exam (knowledge test).


Plane Rental


This option is for those that have a Pilot License and want to rent a plane.

After a simple check ride in the plane, you can use the convenient 24 hour online reservation system to schedule the plane. 


Aerial Sight Seeing


Want to see East Texas from a Bird's Eye View? Contact us today for rates and booking! (936)205-4138 

We also offer gift certificates for that special gift.